The Iris Creative Story

The strategy for building successful businesses flourishes at the intersection of acumen and creativity. Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. In the present age of the internet, when the next new industry blockbuster or unicorn may readily emerge from nothing, the aptitude for imagining new ideas and approaches to creating a business is paramount. Applying business fundamentals, experience, research and rigor to those ideas creates a framework or trellis for a growing concern.

My approach to and success in business have consistently been an intuitive balance of creativity and pragmatism from marrying a creative writing degree with a technical writing position as a new graduate to transitioning into business development in the creative fields of pre-press, printing, 3D animation, game design and then ultimately executive leadership in multimedia, the web, Ed Tech and publishing. On this career journey, I have built several successful organizations from concept through product definition, market positioning, team development, revenue growth, market leadership and ultimately a company sale or equity event.

In seeking a name and mission for my consultancy, Iris Creative, my goal was to emphasize the importance of creative thinking and agility at every stage of business development as having equal footing with traditional, concrete business fundamentals to drive success. What’s more, the openness, possibility, and freedom creativity adds makes business formation so much more fun and engaging!

The Iris Creative StoryAbout Irises

With over 200 varieties in a wide spectrum of colors, the iris, which fittingly takes its name from the Greek word for “rainbow,” can be found in virtually every part of the world, growing both naturally and in farms. The iris’s history is rich, dating back to Ancient Greek times when the Greek Goddess Iris, the messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow, acted as the link between heaven and earth. We interpret the symbol of the Iris to be the link between inspiration, creative vision, and pragmatic delivery of business value.